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Tutoring Made Easy    

At ICS, matching the student with the right tutor is of paramount importance. In addition to teaching specialist knowledge, we strive to provide our students with appropriate learning methods based on the latest findings, which meet the different needs of the individual. ICS online tutoring not only provides a tailor-made solution for you, it also strengthens the students' self-confidence and motivation - both key skills for future success, whether in school or later in professional life.


In addition, ICS has recently expanded its portfolio with specially designed additional modules, in which, among other things, work is done on overcoming examination fears or internalising new learning strategies. 


Geographical and time constraints in the search for the perfect tutor often limit the search considerably and can have a negative impact on learning success. With ICS online tutoring this problem is a thing of the past, as are scheduling conflicts and travel costs.


*On average, only about 2% of applicants gain access to our pool of tutors

ICS offers online lessons for students throughout Europe and in various languages. Many years of experience and knowledge of the weaknesses of the state education systems and access to the best teachers* guarantee maximum success. In this way, we can guarantee our customers consistently high quality.

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